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As a functional medicine practice, we oftentimes see clients that just feel “not quite right” – where there is no one dominant symptom that can point us in the right direction. Examples can range from chronic bloating, unexplained headaches or migraines, chronic fatigue, insomnia, to any number of vague symptoms.

Beyond exploring possible lifestyle factors to identify the root cause of chronic dis-ease or wellness challenges, we frequently use advanced functional medicine lab testing that provide valuable information about health at the cellular level.

The test results help guide our treatment recommendations in major ways – allowing us to craft an approach unique to your situation, genetics, and biochemistry.


Apeiron’s proprietary and completely anonymized genetic testing array lead the industry for genetic lifestyle personalization. We evaluate and report templates and actionable strategies for more than 500 single nucleotide polymorphisms in the following categories:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Supplementation
  • Athletic performance
  • Hormones
  • Environment & Detoxification

Epigenetic Age Test

Aging is the best indicator for the risk of chronic disease. DNA methylation, the most abundant and best-studied epigenetic modification, is now recognized as a reliable indicator of biological age. This test will assess your biological age via epigenetic markers using DNA methylation data. Epigenetic mechanisms play a crucial role in regulating biological processes as diverse as development, learning, metabolism, and the progression of diseases.

ENVIROtox Complete Panel

The ENVIROtox Panel provides a comprehensive look at your current toxic chemical burden (tests for over 173 different chemicals), mycotoxin and glyphosate exposure, as well as any resulting oxidative stress, inflammation, and mitochondrial damage. Specific recommendations are made on how to avoid future exposures and how to best detoxify the body of these toxins.

This includes 4 tests:

  • Mycotox Profile
  • Gpl-Tox: Toxic Non-Metal Chemical Profile
  • Organic Acids Test
  • Glyphosate

Organic Acid Test

The Organic Acid Test provides a comprehensive metabolic snapshot of your metabolism by assessing urinary metabolites that are unique by-products of cellular activity. This test evaluates yeast and bacterial overgrowth, vitamin and antioxidant levels, mitochondrial function, oxidative stress, neurotransmitter levels, and your body’s detoxification abilities. Insight into these processes allows for the efficient treatment of imbalances.

Dutch Plus Test

The Dutch Test provides an assessment of hormone breakdown and how it relates to your genetics. This test evaluates sex hormones and their metabolites, the overall diurnal pattern of free cortisol, and the total and distribution of cortisol metabolites. Additionally, the Dutch Test measures the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR), which brings another important piece of the HPA-axis into focus.

Comprehensive Labs

Advanced, comprehensive lab testing allows for an in-depth look at your current biomarkers, health profile, and metabolic function status. Results are correlated with your symptoms while looking at optimal levels rather than normal ranges. A functional health report is created to identify and prioritize imbalances and to track results.

Comprehensive Stool Testing (BiomeFx, DoctorsData, Genova Diagnostics)

Optimal health and longevity depend on a diverse and resilient microbiome. There are particular keystone bacteria species in the gut microbiome that are crucial to overall health and metabolic functions.

BiomeFx is a Functional Microbiome Analysis that measures the balance of pathogens (potentially harmful microbes) and beneficial microbes that make up your microbiome. The BiomeFx test uses advanced whole-genome DNA sequencing technology to accurately characterize your unique microbiome. It also reports the potential functions of microbes to better understand how your microbiome could be impacting your symptoms and health concerns.

BiomeFx helps you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your microbiome and how to make improvements. With each finding, you are provided with nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations that you can immediately implement to improve the balance of microbes in your microbiome.

Mycotoxin & Environmental Toxin Assessment - Great Plains Lab

We are exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals through products like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, packaged foods, household products, and environmental pollution. In addition, fungi (mold and yeast) metabolites have been increasingly found to be the root causes of chronic health problems.

These toxins have been linked to the accelerating rate of chronic illnesses such as autoimmune disorders, cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivity, autism spectrum disorders, AD(H)D, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Perhaps you have questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision to become a client. Our client coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if Ilera Precision Wellness is right for you.

Take The First Step On Your

Journey With Me

Perhaps you have questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision to become a client. Our client coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if Ilera Precision Wellness is right for you.